The day 2nd(03,Oct.)
The schedule for today
Preliminaly 1st Round
The 1st round of a Japanese championship was blessed with the weather.
Dobashi saves and runs a high score in the take top early morning.
Sensui and Hashimoto pull apart other players greatly by brilliant flight before noon.
It entered in the afternoon and Kunii was at the exceed top slightly about Hashimoto by the brilliant flight.
Kobayashi's flight was also wonderful

Dobashi's Staysee

Sensui's Staysee

Hashimoto's Shark-3

Kunii's Super Gracy

Today's judges

Shintaro Yamamoto, the youngest contestant, is 11 years old
Participation in a Japanese championship by parent and child .
Hidekazu Nagasawa (left), Masaru Nagasawa (right)
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