Final day (05,Oct.)
The schedule for today
Fly-off 1st round , Fly-off 2nd round , Closing ceremony
Fly-Off 1st round

Sensui received big applause from the watching-a-game person by the wonderful flight.
It was at the exceed top about Kobayashi.
The flight with Kunii, Ito, and Dobashi wonderful at this round yesterday was not seen.
Hashimoto flew most after this round. Wonderful hovering performance was shown. Everyone thought that he began to beat a high score. However, his engine stopped suddenly just before the cobra roll. A cause is the simple trouble from which the linkage of a throttle.
At this time, the Sensui gains 1000 tops of this round.
Fly-Off 2nd round
The last round started. Dobashi took out 300-point over with the stable flight most.
Provisional ranking changes quickly.
Hashimoto, Kunii, Sensui, and Dobashi ,the possibility of a championship remained in five persons who added Kobayashi who is continuing the quantity score further until now.
Hashimoto who flew to afternoon came out of 314 over high scores to the take top. At this time, Dobashi drops out of a top battle line.
Kobayashi took out 300-point over. However, the 4th place decides Kobayashi at this time
Although the Sensui showed wonderful hovering performance, a small mistake was made by Pill-up and Autorotation. At this time, the 2nd place or the 3rd place of Sesui was decided.
Kunii who flew most after this round,cannot exceed Hashimoto's score. The 3rd place of the Sensui was decided by at least 2nd place of Kunii at this time.








Fly-off 1st round judges

Fly-off 2nd round judges

From the left, Kunii(2nd),Hashimoto(1st),Sensui(3rd)

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