The day 2nd (19,Oct.)
Preliminaly 1st Round

The Japanese championship in the last year was abortive at bad weather.
The first day of this year was also started under the rain weather report around 3:00 p.m.
Seeded competitors got the high score by brilliant performance.
Nonogaki (15 years old) of the second participation advanced to the 6th place by the high score.
Immediately after 41 Futatsugi of the last flier does auto-rotation landing, it began to rain.

Ito's Super Gracy
Dobashi's StayseeU
Hashimoto's Shark-T

In this competition, five competitors of 38 Kunii, 2 Kobayashi, 41 Futatsugi, 43 Suzuki, and 18 Maeda are using the electric unit.

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