The day 3nd (7,Oct.)
The 2nd day of the primary has been started in the condition of a weak wind.
Sawamura who flew first saved the top group by the high score like yesterday.
Next, flying Ito showed brilliant hovering maneuver.
In order to see performance of a world champion, many spectators are coming from the morning today also.
Exhaust sound disappeared from his heli immediately after the reverse roll.
Engine trouble .
It lands in emergency in the inner part of an airdrome.
Today's temperature is felt occasionally hot.
Flight condition is good.
The player finished the flight favorably.
Each player's score is not better than the 1st round.
Sensui flew near the last. Especially the aerobatic manoeuvres was wonderful.
Sensui gained the highest score of the second round, and became the first place of a primary round.

Super Gracy

Final Rounds 15 Pilots

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