The day 4thi21.Octj
Fly-Off 1st round
Fly-Off 2nd round

The final round was performed in fine weather and the condition of a weak wind.
Present world champion Ito participated in the final round by electric helicopter.
His helicopter adjusted to schedule B marked the high score with Ito's high flight technology.
Four players of Sensui, Dobashi, Hashimoto, and Sawamura won a prize of a high order by the flight wonderful from a primary round to the final round.
In this Japanese championship, Senzui and Tsuchihashi both players participated with the new fuselage (Stsysee II). Hashimoto participated with the new fuselage (Shark T).
These fuselages designed for the schedule C rule used from next year showed wonderful sky performance.

Kunii's Super Gracy
The adjustment flight which uses a power cable is accepted in a starting box
The final round was performed by ten judges.

From the 1st place to the 6th place .
They become the seeded player of next year.
From the left .
The second place Sensui,
The first place Ito,
The third place Dobashi.

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