Final Day(10.Oct.)

Fly-Off 1st Round
Fly-Off 2nd Round
The finals round starts at 7:50 of the appointed time. In rain, Ino performed a model flight for judges. The judge meeting was held in a tent.

Finals round pilots(Finals Round 1 flight order)
Kazuyuki Sensui Naoya Kawaguchi Hiroshi Futatsugi Minoru Kobayashi Hiroki Ito
Manabu Hashimoto Shinya Kunii Kazuaki Kougo Takashi Nonogaki Masatoshi Iso
Hidekazu Nagasawa Kazushi Onizawa Hiroyuki Dobashi Hideki Suzuki Yasuichi Sawamura

1st round
The 1st round of the final Sensui flew first in the light rain.
The weather was recovered little by little after that.
The final round was performed in the ten-person judgment.
The flight conditions of the wind from left-hand side.
Ito was at the top by brilliant performance. In the second half, Nonogaki saved the second place by the wonderful flight. This round was completed and Ito's championship (successive victories) was decided at the time.

2nd round
When the 2nd round was started, direction of a wind changed in the right.
Nonogaki was at the top of this round by brilliant performance.
Ito whom successive victories have decided performed the still more brilliant flight, and he got the high score.

Hashimoto's Eagle-3(EV)

Nonogaki's Super-Gracy

Ito's Super-Gracy

Awards ceremony

The Japanese team of the Asia Oceania championship to start on on October 14
(Sensui TM)

From the left, Mr. Nonogaki(2nd), Mr. Ito(1st) and Mr. Hashimoto(3rd)

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