Final Dayi7.Oct.2012j

Contest site is rain.

When it cannot start by regulation as of 9:00, the final round carries out only the 1st round.
In this case, the final rankings are determined by which or high score among the scores of primary overall points and the final 1R.
And the final round is canceled when it is judged also at the time of 10:00 that a start is impossible.
In this case, the final rankings are determined by primary synthesis score.

It judged that it became a light rain and the determination of the final round 1R start was made by 9:30.

Although rain may be felt a little, it is an almost calm condition.

The contestants of the final round
(The order of a flight)

Susuda Hashimoto Nonogaki
Kunii Suzuki Ito
Iso Dobashi Kougo
Sawamura Kawaguchi Kamiya
Onizawa Kobayashi Futatsugi

Commendation ceremony
1st Hiroki Ito 2nd Takashi Nonogaki 3rd Shinya Kunii

2012 F3C Japanese Nationals Top3.
From the left 2nd Nonogaki, 1st Ito, 3rd Kunii

Ito's Championship machine

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