The day 2nd (3.Oct.)
Preliminaly 1R

Opening ceremony

Competition Director
( vice Competition Director)
Airfield owner

Model flight for judges.
Model flyght for judges Judge meeting

It started on schedule for preliminary Round 1. It starts from No. 37 (Yasuhiro Ieiri).
The weather started with good condition of the left-like breeze.
Ito was at the gain top about the high score at afternoon.
All the day of flight condition was good.
All the contestants did the brilliant flight.

 Ito   Judges(1stRound)   
Model Check after flyght   
    Ito's body
He had removed the horizontal stabilizer.
In a qualifying round, the body inspection after all the players flying is undergone.
After size measurement, in order to check whether there is any use of an inaccurate gyro, the body is shaken and a motion of a servo is checked.

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