The Day 1st(18.Nov.2006)

Since rainy weather was forecast on the final day, from the 1st round to the 3rd round was performed on the first day.
Opening ceremony

1st Round

The JPN Team Trial opened the curtain in fine weather and the condition of a weak wind.
All contestants performed the good flight.

2nd Round
As for the 2nd R, Schedule B was used.
There are little those who got the high score.
The Japanese championship seeded players who form the top group announced good performance.
The condition of Hashimoto's helicopter was wonderful. He performed the stable flight.
Sawamura who is taking out good results with 3D competition showed the brilliant flight , and he advanced to the top group.

3rd Round
Schedule A was used also for this round.
There are many players who got the high judge score.
As a result of the average mark's becoming high, the score of a top group became low.
Sensui who flew at this round last and twilight time performed the wonderful flight, and took out high score.

The photographs of a player and helicopter

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