Final Day(19.Nov.2006)

4th RoundiFinal Roundj

The last round was started by the clouded sky and the very cold weather.
It is windy occasionally and feels.
Schedule B is used also for this round.
Hashimoto participated in No. 1 and he showed the stable flight.
Hashimoto's 1 place passage is infallible.
Comprehensive results are computed in the three score sum totals except the lowest point among scores from the 1R to the 4R.
It is provisional ranking when this round started. 2nd place Senzui, 3rd place Dobashi, 4th place Kobayashi Kunii and Sawamura continue continuously.

There are few players who get a high score because of the cold weather and Schedule B.
Sensui flew in the middle stage and the highest score 227.5 in this time was taken out.
Although Sawamura exceeded Kunii slightly, the 3rd place is not reached.
Dobashi showed brilliant performance just before last.
He acquires 227.5 points of a tie with the Sensui, and surfaces at provisional 2nd place.
Last Kobayashi did not reach the 3rd place.
Japanese-Team was decided with Hashimoto, Dobashi, and Sensui.

Closing ceremony

2007W/C Japanese Team

Japanese Team

From left
Yukihiro Dobashi, Manabu Hashimoto, Kazuyuki Sensui.
All the members are the person experienced in world champ.


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