The Day 1st(25.Oct.2008)

Opening ceremony .

Since remarkable rain fell and the layout of an airport was not made the previous day, the opening ceremony was celebrated after completing the layout of an airport.
The lottery of the order of participation of each round was performed after explanation, such as a rule, and the 1st round was started at 9:00.

The 1st round .

The 1st round was started in a clouded sky and the condition of a weak wind.
The Japanese championship of this fiscal year was held about three weeks ago.
As for the 1st round, Schedule A was used.
Each pilot used the helicopter used for the Japanese championship.
All players performed the wonderful flight.
Especially Sensui's flight was wonderful and he was at the top of this round.

The 2nd round .

The 2nd round was started after the break.
As for the 2nd round Schedule C was used.
Many players were not able to issue a high score because of high performance of difficulty.
The Japanese championship seeded players forms the top group.
They performed the good flight.
Hashimoto who flew to last took out the high score with stable hovering maoeuvre and wonderful aerobatics maoeuvre, and he stood on the first place.
Sensui and Dobashi also performed the wonderful flight.

Judges of the 2nd round .

Judge list of each rounds Here .

Each competitor's snapshot, and list of the helicopter. Here!!!

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