Final Day (26.Oct.2008)

The 3rd round .

The final day becoming cloudy, the wind was a weak condition.
At this round, schedule-A was used again.
Many pilots showed the good flight.
Hashimoto,Sensui and Dobashi especially showed the wonderful flight also in this round.

From the total result of a score, when this round was completed, it was decided that three players of Hashimoto, Sensui, and Dobashi finish 3rd from the 1st place.

The 4th round (Final Round)

The Final round started after the break.
At this round, schedule C was used again.
At this round, the strong wind was blowing occasionally.
As for high-place 3 pilots,Hashimoto,Sensui and Dobashi especially showed the wonderful flight also in this round.
Hashimoto took out the highest score of this round near the last. He acquired 3000 points which are the highest score of a comprehensive score, and won the victory.
It was decided that the 2nd place would be Sensui. It was decided that the 3rd place would be Dobashi.
These three persons were selected as the Japanese team member.

Closing ceremony
Results announcement
Mr.Sugaki(Judge) described judge comment.
On a desk (?) The small present was given to Japanese team members from headquarters.
Warning .
To all the competitors that participate in the next world championship .
Japanese team may hide a banana into a fuselage and may use it for reserve power.

2009 F3C W/C Japanese Team

Hasimoto's helicopter
(Eagle3 SWM/Shark-T)

Sensui and Dobashi's helicopter

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