2011F3C Japanese Team Trial
Competitors List

The competitors to Trial determines by the sum total of the score (preliminaly round) of the championship in both 2009 and 2010.

No. Name 2010 J/N
1 Manabu Hashimoto 2010 J/N 3rd
2 Shinya Kunii 2010 J/N 4th
3 Minoru Kobayashi 2010 J/N 9th
4 Masatoshi Iso 2010 J/N 8th
5 Kazuyuki Sensui 2010 J/N 7th
6 Yasuichi Sawamura 2010 J/N 5th
7 Yukihiro Dobashi 2010 J/N 6th
8 Kazuaki Kougo 2010 J/N 10th
9 Hideki Suzuki 2010 J/N 13th
10 Takashi Nonogaki 2010 J/N 2nd
11 Hiroshi Futatsugi 2010 J/N 15th

Mr. Nonogaki was not participating in a Japanese Nationals in 2009.
For this reason, although he did not have the results in 2009.
Since his results in 2010 Japan Nationals were wonderful, he got special recommendation of the helicopter committee.

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