The Day 2nd(7.Nov.2010)

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Manabu Hashimoto Shinya Kunii Minoru Kobayashi Masatoshi Iso
Kazuyuki Sensui Yasuichi Sawamura Yukihiro Dobashi Kazuaki Kougo
Hideki Suzuki Takashi Nonogaki Hiroshi Futatsugi

Helicopter data list is here

The 3rd round

The final day becoming cloudy, the wind was a weak condition.
At this round, schedule-P was used again.
Many pilots showed the good flight.
Hashimoto especially showed the wonderful flight in this round.

From the total result of a score, when this round was completed, it was decided that two players of Hashimoto and Nonogaki finish 3rd from the 1st place.

The 4th round (Final Round)
At this round, schedule-F was used again.
Nonogaki got 235 points by a good flight and kept the first place.
As for 222.5 points scores of Hashimoto, he kept the second place.
The seventh maneuver of Sawamura was judged with a call error. @
Sawamura took deduction, but was settled with the third place by total results.

Closing ceremony

2011 F3C W/C Japanese Team

Nonogaki Hashimoto Sawamura

From the left,Yasuichi Sawamura , Takashi Nonogaki, Manabu Hashimoto

2011F3C W/C Japanese team
From the front row left Yasuichi Sawamura , Takashi Nonogaki, Manabu Hashimoto
Back row left, 2009 W/C Hiroki Ito.
Back row right, Kazuyuki Sensui (T/M)

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