3(Thursday)-6(Sunday)of Oct,2013
3.Oct-Thursday Arrival and registration
Opening ceremony (18:00 - )
4.Oct-Fryday Preliminary 1st round
5.Oct-Saturday Preliminary 2nd round
6.Oct-Sunday Fly-Off Round 1
Fly-Off Round 2
Closing ceremony

Contest Site

Ichinomiya Heli Club (I.H.C)Airport in Kagamihara-city

Contest Rules

2010 FAI Sporting Code
,Section 4b and 4c-part 5;Helicopters.
Preliminary 1st round 42 Pilots Schedule P
Preliminary 2nd round 42 Pilots
Fly-Off 1st round 15 Pilots Schedule F
Fly-Off 2nd round 15 Pilots

Low-Oil Fuel
All competitors have to use Official ecology fuel( 10%oil Fuel or 15%Nitro-18%Oil Fuel)

Noise penalty system
The low noise bonus system applied till the last fiscal year is abolished, and it changes into a penalty system.

In all rounds .
(1) The noise measured value measured in 3m distance during hovering with the eye level in a starting box is below 85dB(A).
(2) The rotor rotational frequency change under hovering manoeuvre is less than 100RPM from the time of noise measurement.
(3) Judges judged that it was the low noise under aerobatic manoeuvre.

‚R% demerit mark is given to the player who does not fill the above conditions (1), (2), and (3).

After the completion of two official preliminary rounds,the best score will be used to determine the fly-off competitors.
The top 15 of all competitors then compete in two fly-off rounds to determine the final individual classification.

The matter about a safe flight .

1. In landing to the central helipad in hovering manoeuvre (schedules A and B each 1.2.3) (landing to a central helipad from a starting box is included), when a main rotor blade or a tail rotor blade contacts the ground landing or while [ after landing, ] taking off next, the flight is ended.

2. Wind direction and wind velocity .
When it becomes the conditions applicable to the following items, a game is interrupted temporarily. @Future judgment is based on deliberations of the Jury and the competition director.

A. Wind velocity 8 m/sec continues more than for 1 minute, and a wind direction is a case in front of about 45 degrees or more to a flight path (parallel to a judgment line).

B Even if . wind velocity 8 m/sec does not continue more than for 1 minute, when the wind of 10 m/sec blows frequently suddenly.

C. Even if it is a fair wind (parallel to a flight path), when it is thought dangerous that the wind of 12 or more m/sec of wind velocity blows intermittently, and continues a flight.

2015 F3C World Championships Japanese Team Trial
2015 world championship Japan team members are chosen from the high-ranking pilots of the championship of 2013 and 2014 in Japan
Japan Model Aeronautic Association(JMA)
Kansai Modellers-club Association(KMA)

Competition Director Takayuki@Sakai Chairman of J.M.A Helicopter S/C
Vice Competition Director Kiyokazu Sugaki Vice chairman of J.M.A Helicopter S/C
Competition Advisor Shin Abe Honor chairman of J.M.A Helicopter S/C
Sports Director Eiji Sensui Vice Chairman of J.M.A Helicopter S/C
@ Ichiro Komori J.M.A Helicopter S/C member
@ Shizuo Ishikawa J.M.A Helicopter S/C member
@ Yoshiji Miura FUNFUN
@ Yoshihiro Nishida JR
Computer Service Yasofumi Hiramori J.M.A Helicopter S/C member
Time Control Hideo Yamanaka DY Products
@ Helper Hokuriku-Chubu RC-Hericopter S/C Member
Tecnical Staff Helper
@ Helper @
Model Flyght Hokuriku-Chubu RC-Hericopter S/C Member

J.M.A Jury
Kazuo Ochiai Chairman of J.M.A
Harunobu Hirose J.M.A member


Noise Level Judge
Noise Level Mersurment
Time Control
Flight airspacejudge

Kiyokazu Sugaki J.M.A Judge
'93,'95,'97,'01 F3C World Championships Judge member
Shigetada Taya J.M.A Judge
'05,'09,2011 F3C World Championships Judge member
Yutaka Ueda J.M.A Judge
2007 F3C World Championships Judge member
Kensuke Hirooka J.M.A Judge
Sadanobu Shintani J.M.A Judge
Takakiyo Kitagawa J.M.A Judge
Tadashi Ohya J.M.A Judge
Gichi Naruke J.M.A Judge
'96,'98 F3A World Champ
Katsumi Shimizu J.M.A Judge
Yasutomo Tutsui J.M.A Judge
Michio Arai J.M.A Judge

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