5(Thursday)-8(Sunday)of Oct,2017
5.Oct-Thursday Arrival and registration
Opening ceremony (18:00 - )
6.Oct-Fryday Preliminary 1st round
7.Oct-Saturday Preliminary 2nd round
8.Oct-Sunday Fly-Off Round 1
Fly-Off Round 2
Closing ceremony

Contest Site
Utsunomiya R/C Heli Club Airport in Utsunomiya/Tochigi-Prif.

Contest Rules

2016 FAI Sporting Code
,Section 4b and 4c-part 5;Helicopters.
(2016 Edition)
Preliminary 1st round 42 Pilots Schedule P
Preliminary 2nd round 42 Pilots
Fly-Off 1st round 15 Pilots Schedule F
Fly-Off 2nd round 15 Pilots

2019 F3C World Championships Japanese Team Trial
2019world championships Japan team members are chosen from the high-ranking pilots of the championship of 2017 and 2018 in Japan
Japan Model Aeronautic Association(JMA)
East Japan RC-Hericopter S/C
Utsunomiya RC Flying Club(URFC)

Competition Director Kiyokazu Sugaki Vice chairman of J.M.A Helicopter S/C
Vice Competition Director Eiji Sensui J.M.A Helicopter S/C member
Sports Director Eiji Sensui J.M.A Helicopter S/C member
  Ichiro Komori J.M.A Helicopter S/C member
  Yoshihiro Nishida J.M.A Helicopter S/C member
  Yukari Nokura Pro-Drone
Computer Service Yasofumi Hiramori J.M.A Helicopter S/C member
Koji Suzuki J.M.A Helicopter S/C member
Time Control Hideo Yamanaka DY Products
Tecnical Staff Helper
Model Flyg Takashi Sato East-Japan Helicopter S/C member

J.M.A Jury
Takayuki Sakai Chairman of J.M.A Helicopter S/C


Noise Level Judge
Noise Level Mersurment
Time Control
Flight airspacejudge

Shigetada Taya J.M.A Judge
'05,'09,2011,2015 F3C World Championships Judge member
Yutaka Ueda J.M.A Judge
2007 F3C World Championships Judge member
Kensuke Hirooka J.M.A Judge
Sadanobu Shintani J.M.A Judge
Takakiyo Kitagawa J.M.A Judge
Tadashi Ohya J.M.A Judge
Shizuo Ishikawa J.M.A Judge
Yasutomo Tutsui J.M.A Judge
Takashi Ishimori J.M.A Judge
Michio Arai J.M.A Judge
Yukio Hayashi J.M.A Judge

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