The day 4th (9.Oct.)
Fly-Off Rounds

The final day was also blessed with good weather.
Considering the forecast for rain in the afternoon, we accelerated the progress, and after the first round, after a 5-minute break Started the second round.

Flyoff Pilots (FinalRound order)
25 Ino  42 Onisaea 16 Iso
10 Kamiya 34 Kougo  28 Kunii
23 Sawamura  37 Ito  18 Takada
5 Uchida 38 Moriyasu 41 Nonogaki
12 Imai  7 Horii  3 Dobashi

Model flight for judges

Mr Imai  Judges   

The closing ceremony and awards ceremony

2022 F3C Japan championship TOP3.
From the left
2nd Iso, 1st Ito, 3rd Sawamura

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