We received sad news.
Daniele Graber (Swiss team F3C Pilot) passed by on last Saturday (3,November 2001). Here

Kazuyuki Sensui

F3C Japanese Champion 2001!!

The team practice of a Japanese team to participate in the 2001 F3C World championship and a farewell ceremony were held on August 5.

2001F3C W/C Japanese team
Three Japanese team members for next F3C World Championships were decided.

Official Web-Site of F3C W/C 2001

Kazuyuki Sensui ,F3C Japanese Champion 2000 !!
The result of the F3C Canadian Nationals 2000
The following is a link to the results of the F3C Canadian Team that will be at the next worlds in the USA

Official homepage of the European F3C Championships
Rudiger Feil European Champion 2000

The updated text of the Norwegian proposal accepted at 2000 CIAM Technical Meeting.
These rules become effective from January 1, 2002. Some changes will be added until January, 2002.
F3C_2002( 100k Word doc )
F3C_2002 Schedule A
F3C_2002 Schedule B

8th FAI F3C World Championships
12~21,August 1999 Deblin,Poland
Results(Individual and Team)

'99 Japan Championships
22~24,October 1999 Kyoto,Japan

Results and Starting order
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