The day 2nd (5.Oct.)

Preliminaly 1R

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Preliminary Round 1 started with the condition of the clear breeze.
All the participation machines were electric helicopters.
The competition went smoothly, and Ito flew near the last.
Ito showed a splendid flight with a hovering flight, the aerobatik flight.
Ito took the first place.

Results after Preliminaly 1st round

When you watch score, I want you to be careful.

Kobayashi of the second place, and all competitors did a good flight, but the flight of the Ito was too good.
Than 1,000 points of Ito, Kobayashi 900 points, expression of ...,
1,100 points of Ito, Kobayashi 1,000 points, following, ... can image the state of the competition definitely.

Model Flight
Model flight for judges.

Pilot Mr.Atsuo Shimada
Judge meeting

Score CRT
Score CRT
Twin Pilots

Yoshihiro Susuda(No.21)
Masahiro Susuda(No.38)

Model check procedure (preliminary round)
Competitor measures the battery voltage before entering the starting box ( less than 51V)
The measurement of the noise is carried out at the time of the adjustment flight in the starting box
The competitor must cut a power supply circuit before go over the judge line.

A table for work is installed in the leaving road (corridor) exit
After a flight, the measurement such as body dimensions, the weight is carried out in the headquarters
The model of the gyro, check of the gyro number

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