The dat 1st (20.Nov.)

1st round
Attention concentrated on Ito (RC helicopter freestyle Japan champion in 15 years old the 2002 fiscal year).
Ito showed wonderful performance.
However, it is an engine failure in the middle of push over.
Since the muffler nipple separated from the cause .

The first day was performed in the highest flight condition.
A wind was also weak.
All the players showed the wonderful flight.
A thing especially with the uncanny growth of a score of Kunii and Kobayashi -- a word .

2nd round
It was nothing less than this round of the growth of a score of three players of Kunii, Kobayashi, and Ito is also wonderful.

Sensui and Dobashi also charmed the spectator.

Kunii Kobayashi Dobashi Ito Sensui
Iso Takayama Suzuki Futatsugi Ikeda
Nakazato Maeda Nagasawa Ishikawa Kougo

Official tarting order

Resuls after 1st round

Result after 2nd round
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