Final Day (21.Nov.)

The 3rd round
The final day was also started in the condition of a weak.
Forecast of the rain from an afternoon.
However, it was fine weather through one day.

Futatsugi participated by electric helicopte.
He became the player who participated in the formal athletic meet by electric helicopter for the first time in Japan.
Batterys which Futatsugi used . A battery is under exchange after hovering.

All the players showed the wonderful flight.

This round of the growth of a score of Kunii, Kobayashi, and Ito is also uncanny.

The 4th round .
Sesui and Dobashi also catch up.
However, the growth of a score does not stop.

When early, Kunii's high order is decided.
Then, Dobashi takes out a topping point. Sensui exceeds it. Ito exceeds it, Kobayashi is exaggerated 300 points and he takes out a topping point.

It became a spectator with the wonderful convention as which the highest performance is regarded.

2005 F3C W/C
Japanese team
(Kunii , Kobayashi , Ito )

Mr.Ishimori Mr.Hirooka Mr.Ueda Mr.Sugaki Mr.Taya
(Spare , Noise measurement )

Mr.Abe Mr.Sakai Mr.Hara Mr.Sogame Mr.Endo(Left)
No Photo
Mr.Naruke Mr.Nakayama Mr.Komori

Official starting order

Result After 3rd round

Final result

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